1980s Favori 531 Professional

1980s Favori Road Frame

This beautiful 1980s Favori is ready and waiting to be built up in to a great classic bike.  Definitely a summer bike.

Campagnolo ends, chrome plating and finished in Midnight Blue.

There’ll be more pics once this frame is built up.

2 Replies to “1980s Favori 531 Professional”

  1. Dear Mr Gibson:
    I,m a kind roady getting out every sunday with my mates.
    I never try a classic steel bike , but I,m seriously thinking to buy one, actually
    Pinarello or Gios, but my concern is weigh , I know that the riding quality and aesthetics of steel bikes are insuperable .
    So, How much weigh a good steel bike? And do you notice the difference
    in weigh in a long climb or long audax ride?
    Thank you very much
    Kind regards
    Daniel Alcantarilla

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