The Late Danny Horton

I’ve just come across some great pictures of the late Danny Horton.  Danny had just renewed his interest in cycling after giving it up in the 80’s.

Some of these pics are from his earlier cycling days and also from his 1980s comeback as an amateur.

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  1. I rode with Bradford Wheelers, ‘ till 1968/9 . Danny built my frame ( still have it all these years later ) .

    Lost touch with lads I rode with when I moved away from Ilkley .

    Had some great times riding events around Yorkshire : road races, evening time trials ( Pool Triangle ) , and training sessions with ‘ the chain gangs’ .

    Was sad to hear about Danny , came across the news some time later on the ‘net.

    Time moves on.

    Watched Tour de Yorkshire Cowpasture Road Ilkley recently . How it’s all come on – BRILLIANT. What an atmosphere , I never thought when I used that road for hill climbing training that we’d see such great stuff.

    So : Bradford Wheelers , Ellis Briggs and Danny Horton – all great memories, and stuff that I will never forget.

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