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First of all welcome to Vintage Lightweights

Read our blog and avoid buying some piece of mass produced rubbish and learn how to spot a quality bike frame of any make.

Jack Tayor touring frame

Its our main objective to help you restore your classic road bike of any make, but our main focus is on the small shop framebuilders who are often overlooked.  It’s these frames that often offer the best in terms of workmanship and value for money.

Every town once had its local framebuilders, but of course most have all but disappeared now.

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  1. Hi there
    I have acquired a 1977 Tom Crowther (Mercian) with lots of nice bits. It has 27″ tubular wheels which I want to swap to clincher style. The hub frame clearance at the rear is only 120mm. What options do I have to get a period looking set of budget wheels. I am based in Harrogate so just down the road…


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