Paragon Mixte Frame Project

Paragon Mixte frame with Oscar Egg lugs

Its taken me a while to figure out what to do with this frame.  I really wanted to build a practical bike which my wife can use but the original GB sidepull brakes are just not powerful enough.  So I’ve been trying to figure out how best to fit some centre-pull brakes.

I also want to keep this bike period, so the brakes in question are Mafac Dural Forge.  The problem however is where to fit it.  The orignal set up on this bike was a sidepull brake, mounted in the usual place on the seatstay bridge.  That setup does not give me any way of routing the cables for a centre pull brake.

J. P. Weigle mixte

So my choice were either to mount it on the extra stays like on many other mixte frames, but this would involve brazed on mafac bosses as their is very little clearance and no room to fit a bridge.  This aproach is used on this gorgeous Weigle mixte.

Claud Butler Avant Coureur Lady

Or my prefered aproach would be to fit a pully to the rear of the seat cluster and mount the brake in the usual place on the seatstay bridge, like on this 50s Claud Butler.

I think I would prefer the setup on the claud butler as it really simplifies the work required and I don’t have to find a supplier of braze-on mafac brake bosses.


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