Favori San Remo Super

Favori San Remo Super Seat Lug
Favori San Remo Super Seat Lug

A couple of months ago I posted some pics of a Favori frame which was in the process of being built up into a bike. Well things have progressed rather a lot since then.  The bike is now almost built, just waiting for a couple more components.

This model was the San Remo Super, which was just a step down from Ellis Briggs top frame at the time.  Its built with 531 Pro but doesn’t have the fancy cut out lugs of the model above.  It was originally built in 1984 but whover had it before had modernised the frame to take an 8 speed rear wheel.  So that why its not been built up with early 80s Campagnolo Super Record, which it probably had originally.

The wheels it currently has are Capag Chorus hubs with Mavic CXP33 rims but there are some tubular wheels sat on one side for this bike.

Saddle is a modern Selle Italia Turbo, which looks the part on a bike like this.

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