Macklam / Sergio – One to avoid!

Macklam seat lug with Sergio top eye engraving
Macklam seat lug with Sergio top eye engraving

Another Yorkshire builder but with a questionable reputation and plenty of poorly built frame to his name.  But some still survive, although this one needs a new seat tube.  Probably due to someone stuffing a ball of paper down the seat tube to stop water collecting in the bottom bracket.  It stops water getting into the bottom bracket but it ends up causing rust inside the seat tube and eventually failiure.

You only have to look at the lugs on this frame to see that it was a rushed build.  This frame however is probably one of the better ones, as the brake bridge seems pretty straight.  Macklam was famous for fitting 2 left or 2 right front dropouts.  With the Brev. Campagnolo engraving facing inwards on one of the dropouts.

Macklam was famous for building a frame in a day!  A feat which can only be done by cutting corners.  Be careful of his other name “Sergio” which he also went under.  This features “Sergio” top eyes but with the “S” not even visible as its been filed away.

Ellis Briggs used to do his enamelling though, so at least the finish was good!  Ellis Briggs framebuilder also used to pull tubes out of lugs for Macklam when he had frames in for repair(frames that need new top or down tubes etc.), as he was unable to do it himself.  A further example of his framebuilding prowess.

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