More Bernard Macklam Sergio 1

After stripping the Macklam down, it was blindingly obvious how he managed to build a frame in a day!

But as often is the case, even a poorly built frame will outlast the latest £3000 carbon.  What we’ll do with all these carbon frames that have broken, I have no idea.  Can carbon fibre be recycled?

Anyway, here’s some more pics that I took, to illustrate my point.

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One thought on “More Bernard Macklam Sergio

  • martin ashworth

    I once had a custom made Macklam Time Trial Bike in Reynolds 531 Superlight. It was the shittest frame I have ever owned, handled like a pig and had huge toe clip overlap with front wheel, even when Macklam said it wudnt. I crashed it 5 yrs later in a race and never bothered to get it repaired. Bought a Frank Herety, in Columbus SL which I still have 30 yrs later, and its still a joy to ride.