Sorry for my absence in the last 2 years, I’m Back! 3

Ken Russell TOB Bunch

Ken Russell riding at the front of the bunch

Due to a family illness i haven’t had any time to put into updating this site.  Now things have calmed down again, I’m going to be able to update a little more regular!

Steel framed bikes and their history is a hobby of mine, rather than a business.  Unfortunately I have to do a real job to pay the bills.

Ellis Briggs team van

Ellis Briggs team van

On another note there has been a fantastic article on one of Yorkshire’s unsung cycling heroes, Ken Russell.  Ken Russell rode for Ellis-Briggs in the 1952 Tour of Britain with no other team support.  You can read about him and his solo Tour of Britain win here.

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3 thoughts on “Sorry for my absence in the last 2 years, I’m Back!

  • Joe Halliwell

    I well remember Ken Russell, Preston Guild and we had week off work. A bunch of us rode from Preston to Scarborough, I was riding an Ellis Briggs I’d scraped up enough to buy a double chainset and a Benalux gear. We camped in a farmers field before heading to Scarborough, it was well worth it.
    I was in the British League of Racing Cyclists. Those were the days!!!!!!
    I live in Canada now, have for fourty odd years.

    • Paul.Gibson Post author

      Hello Joe,
      Nice to hear from you.

      Did you buy your Ellis Briggs before or after his Tour of Britain win or before?


      • Joe Halliwell

        I started out with a Coventry Eagle customized it, then bought the Ellis Briggs I paid £16 for the frame which was quite a sum on apprentices pay!!