Sorry for my absence in the last 2 years, I’m Back!

Ken Russell TOB Bunch
Ken Russell riding at the front of the bunch

Due to a family illness i haven’t had any time to put into updating this site.  Now things have calmed down again, I’m going to be able to update a little more regular!

Steel framed bikes and their history is a hobby of mine, rather than a business.  Unfortunately I have to do a real job to pay the bills.

Ellis Briggs team van
Ellis Briggs team van

On another note there has been a fantastic article on one of Yorkshire’s unsung cycling heroes, Ken Russell.  Ken Russell rode for Ellis-Briggs in the 1952 Tour of Britain with no other team support.  You can read about him and his solo Tour of Britain win here.

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  1. I well remember Ken Russell, Preston Guild and we had week off work. A bunch of us rode from Preston to Scarborough, I was riding an Ellis Briggs I’d scraped up enough to buy a double chainset and a Benalux gear. We camped in a farmers field before heading to Scarborough, it was well worth it.
    I was in the British League of Racing Cyclists. Those were the days!!!!!!
    I live in Canada now, have for fourty odd years.

    1. Hello Joe,
      Nice to hear from you.

      Did you buy your Ellis Briggs before or after his Tour of Britain win or before?


      1. Before.
        I started out with a Coventry Eagle customized it, then bought the Ellis Briggs I paid £16 for the frame which was quite a sum on apprentices pay!!

  2. I have inherited a vintage cycle which is circa 1948-54 it appears to be an Olympic path track circa 1948, but has been neglected over time.
    I am happy to send you photo’s and hope you may be able to shed some light on this for me and my Grandparents,
    please contact me on 07582342738 or 01304612196.

  3. Hi Paul.
    I am not sure if you would be able to help me?
    I have just taken my old racer into a local shop as I broke the rear deralia and the shop owner was raving about the bike and telling me hopefully he would be able to get it fixed for me.

    I was wondering if you would be able to identify it for me once I get it back.
    The info I have so far is that it is about 30 years old or more, it is a Raleigh Reynolds 531 steel frame and has campagnolo wheels, brakes, seat and gears, everything seems to be campagnolo, the gears are 7 speed.

    If you could help me identify it correctly I could ride up to your neck of the woods sometime or send some pics when I get it back.


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