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  1. Can you help ? I have pranged the front fork on my 1958 Ian Steel Viking road bike which have a very distincted froward sweep of the forks, giving them a long trail ?
    I have replaced them, but without the froward sweep, the bike is now very skitish, I have fallen off twice !.

    Be graetfull for infomation where I may find some replacment forks

    1. Hello Toni,
      Thanks for asking. Yes he’s good. Hope you and the family are ok. I’ve added a link to your blog, Andrew mentioned he’d spotted it. I’m working on something new for EB but we’ve been pretty busy, so not much time to put into it.

  2. hi paul my father died recently and he has 2 bike framed in the garage,he has had them all my life so they are least 4 nearer 50 yearsold.i think they are bothmade by dawes,1 is a 501 tubing the other is a 531,could you tell me if theses are worth any thing.thankyou

  3. I have just purchase a 5 speed tourer it appears to be built by a company called eiger. Have you ever heard of this brand

    Kindest regards
    Ps great site

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