Paragon Mixte Frame Project 2

Mounting the pulley is the next problem.  Mafac used to make a pulley which attached to the seat bolt, similar to the one in this picture.  Unfortunately I don’t think it will fit the seat bolt on the paragon, as it is made to fit cheaper mass produced frames. So the next alternative would be […]

Paragon Mixte Frame Project 1

Its taken me a while to figure out what to do with this frame.  I really wanted to build a practical bike which my wife can use but the original GB sidepull brakes are just not powerful enough.  So I’ve been trying to figure out how best to fit some centre-pull brakes. I also want […]

A couple of around town bikes 1

Here’s a couple of bikes I have for riding around town and going to the shops. The green bike is my wifes 3 speed Ellis Briggs. The white one is built from an Ellis Briggs frame which I didn’t know what to do with, it was in a pretty sorry state when I came across […]

The Late Danny Horton

I’ve just come across some great pictures of the late Danny Horton.  Danny had just renewed his interest in cycling after giving it up in the 80’s. Some of these pics are from his earlier cycling days and also from his 1980s comeback as an amateur.

1980s Milk Race

Just come across these great pictures from the Milk Race in the 1980s.

What you’ll find on our site…

First of all welcome to Vintage Lightweights Read our blog and avoid buying some piece of mass produced rubbish and learn how to spot a quality bike frame of any make. Skipton, Craven and the Yorkshire Dales Being on the edge of the Dales we are keen to hear from any other vintage bike enthusiasts […]

1980s Favori 531 Professional 1

This beautiful 1980s Favori is ready and waiting to be built up in to a great classic bike.  Definitely a summer bike. Campagnolo ends, chrome plating and finished in Midnight Blue. There’ll be more pics once this frame is built up.

Nice Ken Bird Time Trial Frame *updated* 9

A nice Ken Bird Time Trial frame, drilled for lightness with Campagnolo vertical ends. Ken Bird’s son Simon, who has commented below tells me that all his frames were built by Ken Bird himself but I think they were most likely built by a third party. Ken Bird was a mechanic on The Tour De […]

Latest Project – 1950s Paragon Mixte Frame

I just had to buy this 1950s Paragon Mixte frame with its Oscar Egg lugs. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet, but I’ll think of something. I’ve come across quite a few Paragon frames recently, all from a similar period.  Every one has been high quality and well made. I […]